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Some of my fondest memories are of breakfast with my grandparents Tige & Ga near Point Lookout at Ebor. Tige was a fantastic cook, even the simple daily ritual of toast and tea was delightfully sophisticated. Always a silver tea pot and the table laid with , bountiful Spode cups and saucers brimming with her secret blend of tea.


For the larks in your life who wake early to catch the worm.
Our “Early Riser” hamper is a pleasing trio for the breakfast table.

 Miellerie Lake Peddlers Nectar or Blue Gum Honey

Having lost numerous hives in the Tasmanian bushfires we count ourselves lucky to be able to stock this veritable elixir. 
Cunliffe and Waters
Tomato and Capsicum Relish
A staple for my family, this will make your day with eggs and bacon, or pimp your ham and cheese toasty(my kids crave this weekly)
Cunliffe and Waters
Pink Grapefruit Marmalade
A fragrant marmalade that goes equally well when melted into a ham glaze as it does on hot buttered toast.
Gathered Goods Australia Mini Mag We include a mini mag that share our story, commitment to our regional suppliers and a map of where your goodies hail from

Regional Employee Tally - Thanks you’re supporting businesses in the bush

Sustainable Packaging

We have chosen not to brand our boxes so that you might find a special purpose for their reuse. Here but a few suggestions: Wedding Dress, Christening Gown, Favourite Childhood Toys, Your Wedding Shoes, Camping Trip Essentials



- Try making your own blend (high grade black tea with Oolong and a smidge of Lapsang Souchong - it's incredibly thirst quenching)

- Cunliffe and Waters Tomato and Capsicum Relish mixed through creme fraiche make a quick and easy dip.