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Delicately wrapped up and posted to a friend, you'll be making someone feel loved this Easter. This lovely surprise contains a little slate platter and wooden cheese knife make a great gift, we've added a few salty treats to suit both cheese and charcuterie.

 Annabell Stone mini slate cheese platter Everything looks great in black, cheese and prosciutto pop out when displayed on this gem.
Timber Dimensions Wooden Cheese Knife The perfect partner for the platter.
Salute Oliva, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml. A well balanced oil, a delicious addition to everyone’s kitchen.Pete and Marlies harvest their olives at the exact right time and process without delay for the best possible quality.
Matchett's Kalamata Olives. South Australian grown Kalamata olives preserved in natural brine. A beautiful texture.
Jim Jam Black Olive Tapanade On biscuits, baguette, or to make a bruschetta.
Port Wilunga Almond Dukkah

Delicious roasted flavours of local  South Australian almonds with added sesame seeds and aromatic spices; enjoy simply with fresh crusty bread dipped in olive oil, or as seasoning on vegetables or meats.

Gathered Goods Australia Mini Mag We include a mini mag that share our story, commitment to our regional suppliers and a map of where your goodies hail from
23 The tally of regional Australians employed in the making of your hamper.

Thanks so much for supporting:

Anna from Mudgee - NSW, Bevan from Clondaft - QLD, Peter and Marlies from Boort - VIC, Vicky from Goolwa - SA, Maggie & Steven - Stanley - VIC, Trish and her team from Port Wilunga - SA.


- Adding tapenade to a casserole ia a tricky way to add flavour.

-  Almond Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets or roast leg of lamb are perfect for Easter lunch