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A wonderful way to celebrate the change in seasons.

Dorrigo Butcher Fire Roasted Capsicum

Aged in Tasmanian whisky barrels for 6 months, this full bodied stout has classic barrel aromas of oak and vanilla before a luscious body of whisky and chocolate.

Dorrigo Butcher Bread and Butter Pickles

This imperial stout is on the sweet side and has taken on the depth of the Beenleigh rum barrels after 6 months of aging. dark sugar and rum flavours blend with oak and roasted malts to deliver a velvet stout experience, before a silky roasty body. Sip and share.

Salute Oliva Olive Oil

Serve this delicious sweet and spicy sauce with spring rolls or add to stir fries for extra heat and flavour.

Cunliffe and Waters Fancy Pickled Fennel

Fennel, pickled under white wine vinegar with a little bit of chilli, mustard and fennel seeds.  Share on a charcuterie board with your favourite cheese or great with good old fish and chips.

Cunliffe and Waters Posh Pickled Onion Finely sliced onion with a hint of caraway which has been pickled in a French white wine vinegar makes this condiment a cut above the rest.  Have with cheddar cheese, cold corned beef, a pork pie or spicy bratwurst sausage.
Picnic BBQ Almonds Slow roasted historic Willunga orchard varieties of Somerton and Johnston with their own blend of chilli infused South Australian olive oil & sea salt.
Port Willunga Almond Dukkah

Delicious roasted flavours of their local almonds with added sesame seeds and aromatic spices; enjoy simply with fresh crusty bread dipped in olive oil, or as seasoning on vegetables or meats.

Vinofood Chardonnay and Chilli Salsa

For lovers of chilli this salsa is a hot and fiery blend of tomatoes, chilli and wine that adds some heat to any creation. Use as a base for chilli mussels, add some chilli to a pasta sauce, or nacho’s or simply use as a dip with corn chips and a glass of white wine.

Gathered Goods Mini Mag

Gathered Goods insert, learn more about our story.


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