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A simple way to give thanks this year.

 Billinudgel Hot and Smokey Hot Sauce

Good on a googie egg in the morning, I have used this in asian recipes too. A hearty blend of fresh produce smoked over hot coals with lemon myrtle leaves. Great on eggs, with meats, bloody marys, and anything else for a spicy kick.

Jim Jam Shiraz Goop Divine with Cheese this fragrant goop hits the spot.Drizzle on cheese, spread on a hot crumpet or stir into a sauce for duck.
Salute Oliva Kalamata Olives Pickled in the traditional Greek way, this olive has a delicate taste. This olive is picked when black.
Spencer Cocoa Dark Chocolate One of my favourite suppliers, I love the fact that Luke, heads to Vanuatu, discovers a dilapidated cocoa plantation, restores it and da da, Spencer Cocoa is born. All bean brought back to Mudgee where they are transformed into bars that have a cult following.