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“My husband doesn’t know it yet … but this is what he’s giving me for Christmas!”

Selected time after time by women for themselves and their sisters, mothers and friends. 

Bison Love Cups for two

Warming both hands and hearts.

Bison Milk Jug

Lovely design, big enough for you and your friend.

Whisk and Pin Milk Chocolate Rocky Road

Superbly Silky - handcrafted milk Belgian chocolate with plump blueberries, lightly roasted almonds and marshmallows in a block big enough to share.

Brittle Empress Cardamom and Toasted Coconut Peanut Brittle

Beautiful, buttery, handmade Peanut Brittles, made the old fashioned way but with a decadence of flavour that will leave you wanting more.

Tielka Rose MoscatoNOTE: we have substituted the Mulled Christmas tea

Certified Fairtrade organic cinnamon, certified organic sweet orange peel, certified organic hibiscus, certified organic cloves and certified organic allspice berries.Certified Fairtrade organic Wulu green tea, blended with, certified organic schisandra berries, certified organic hibiscus and certified organic rose petals.Hand harvested and crafted by organic artisan tea farmers.

 Gathered Goods Mini Mag


 Gathered Goods insert, learn more about our story.


Regional Employee Tally - Thanks you’re supporting businesses in the bush

Sustainable Packaging

We have chosen not to brand our boxes so that you might find a special purpose for their reuse. 

Here but a few suggestions: Wedding Dress, Christening Gown, Favourite Childhood Toys, Your Wedding Shoes, Camping Trip Essentials