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With the bumper Spring we're having this year our plots need regular tending, and so will you.

 Miellerie Lake Peddlers Nectar or Blue Gum Honey

Having lost numerous hives in the Tasmanian bushfires we count ourselves lucky to be able to stock this veritable elixir. 
Annabell Stone Slate Garden Stakes
Easily identify your seedings this year.
Valor Shea and Pomegranate Face Balm

In addition to the organic base oils of organic Macadamia, Pomegranate, and Shea butter, it contains essential oils of Frankincense and Australian Sandalwood which are superb for healing micro-cuts and grazes on the skin, acquired whilst shaving.

The Grampians Goods Co. Hemp Husk Soap Bar

Softens and cleanses.

Gathered Goods Australia Mini Mag We include a mini mag that share our story, commitment to our regional suppliers and a map of where your goodies hail from

Regional Employee Tally - Thanks you’re supporting businesses in the bush

Sustainable Packaging

We have chosen not to brand our boxes so that you might find a special purpose for their reuse. Here but a few suggestions: Wedding Dress, Christening Gown, Favourite Childhood Toys, Your Wedding Shoes, Camping Trip Essentials