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A perfect gift for this Winter.Perfect to share with family.

Silver Penny Pudding

Chocolate & Orange is the perfect match, dried baby figs soaked in orange liquor from Autonomy Distillery (Victoria) and a hint of cardamon. Once steamed Lindt dark chocolate pieces melt creating a moist indulgent dessert.

Silver Penny Pudding Dessert Sauce Made with Lindt Swiss Premium Couverture Chocolate, this chocolate sauce is rich and smooth.
Vinofood Merlot Espresso Syrup Who doesn’t love a coffee dessert? Drizzle this syrup over vanilla ice cream for something simple, use it as the base for tiramisu or feeling a bit more indulgent then it makes a great espresso martini.
Vinofood Figs in Shiraz Syrup A rich, spicy red wine syrup blended with the soft honeyed palate and sweet and savoury flavours of figs to create a full bodied jar packed full of flavour. Enjoy the figs with cheese or cold meats, or cut and add to ice cream and drizzle with the syrup. And don’t throw out the syrup use as a glaze or a dessert topping.
Roth Family Cherries In Orange Cinnamon
A deliciously spiced cherry that matches well both soft and hard cheeses and smoked meats.
Cunliffe and Waters Chocolate Orange Jam
A limited edition Chocolate & Orange Jam. This perfect combination of thinly sliced oranges with 70% Dark Chocolate is so delicious.
Gathered Goods Mini Mag Gathered Goods insert, learn more about our story.

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