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 Best shared beneath the stars around a campfire.

Whisk & Pin Spiced Nuts Planted by Richard and his father Hugh over 40 yrs ago, 4000 trees are tended lovingly to create the freshest pistachios in Australia. A regional success story from Elong Elong, perfect with beer or wine.
Matchett's Onion Water Cracker A gorgeous crisp biscuit  perfect with soft cheese.Award Winning Onion Crackers are an absolute taste sensation. Made with real butter, whole milk and local Nangkita Olive Oil.
Salute Mixed Olives Well preserved, and super tasty, add a blast of colour to your next platter.Traditionally pickled.
Jim Jam Fig Paste 180g Perfect on your cheese platters. Use it as a glaze for roasting poultry or stir into the sauce.
Jim Jam Spiced Salsa Layer with corn chips and grated cheese for nachos. Top with sour cream and mashed avocado.
Jim Jam Green Olive Tapenade A moorish salty goodness that pairs perfectly with onion crackers.
Gathered Goods Australia Mini Mag Gathered Goods insert, learn more about our story.
26 The number of regional Australians who were employed in the making of this hamper.
Reusable Packaging

We use simple, sustainable packaging that you can reuse. A safe place for a wedding dress, childhood toys, bub’s christening robe.

A simple and cheering hamper to send to your friends, perhaps it's time to get high-tech and FaceTime with these goods, simply add wine, cheese and fine company via the airwaves!