JUST ADD CHEESE | $3 goes to Thankful4Farmers
JUST ADD CHEESE | $3 goes to Thankful4Farmers
JUST ADD CHEESE | $3 goes to Thankful4Farmers

JUST ADD CHEESE | $3 goes to Thankful4Farmers

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​Thankful4Farmers is a collaborative initiative bringing together industries, brands, influencers and consumers in a united effort to amplify awareness and generate scalable funding to create transformational impact to support sustainable agriculture and regional communities.

Our regional homewares, are lovely gifts that last well after this platter is devoured.Invite your friends, add cheese and enjoy.

Anna Bell Stone Slate Cheese Platter 25cm x 25cm
From Mudgee.
Wooden Cheese knife The perfect partner for the platter. 
Rothwood Pickled Cherries A deliciously spiced cherry that matches well both soft and hard cheeses.
Cunliffe and Water's Mulled Fig  Jam Delicious with cheese both soft and hard.
Whisk and Pin Fruit Salad  A colourful addition to brighten up any gathering, they'll become a quick favourite with kids.
Murrungundy Salt and Pepper Pistachios These add crunch and heat.
Salute Oliva Kalamata Olives Pickled in the traditional Greek way, this olive has a delicate taste. This olive is picked when black.
Matchett's Poppyseed Water Cracker Perfectly crisp, perfect with soft cheese.
Port Wilunga Smoked Almonds The smokey flavour and crisp crunch make our delicious almonds a perfect snack to indulge in.
Gathered Goods Mini-Mag We include a mini mag that share our story, commitment to our regional suppliers and a map of where your goodies hail from
113 Regional Employee Tally

A portion of the profits from this hamper goes to the Thankful4farmers organisation.
Supporting regional projects Australia wide.