JUST ADD CHEESE - Wooden platter set.
JUST ADD CHEESE - Wooden platter set.
JUST ADD CHEESE - Wooden platter set.

Gathered Goods Australia

JUST ADD CHEESE - Wooden platter set.

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Rustic Designs Wooden Cheese board
 Hand made in Walcha
Timber dimensions Wooden Cheese Knife  The perfect partner for the platter. 
Rothwood Pickled Cherries A deliciously spiced cherry that matches well both soft and hard cheeses.
Cunliffe and Water's Mulled Fig  Jam Delicious with cheese both soft and hard.
Whisk and Pin Fruit Salad  A colourful addition to brighten up any gathering, they'll become a quick favourite with kids.
Murrungundy Salt and Pepper Pistachios These add crunch and heat.
Salute Oliva Kalamata Olives Pickled in the traditional Greek way, this olive has a delicate taste. This olive is picked when black.
Matchett's Poppyseed Water Cracker Perfectly crisp, perfect with soft cheese.
Gathered Goods Mini-Mag We include a mini mag that share our story, commitment to our regional suppliers and a map of where your goodies hail from
108 On the back of every Mini Mag there is a decal advising just how many regional Australians were employed in the making of each hamper.
$3 Donation

Thanks for donating $3 to the Thankful4farmers organisation.
Supporting regional projects Australia wide.


 Together the below suppliers employed 108 regional Australians.

Thanks for supporting Simone and her team from the Yarra Valley - VIC, Richard and Diana from Elong Elong - NSW, Peter and Marlies Boort - VIC, Vicky from Goolwa - SA, Alwyn in Walcha - NSW, Bevan in Clondaft - QLD, Ingrid and Guy from Mudgee - NSW.