L'ORANGERIE Treat Dad to a ready made Pudding and more!

L'ORANGERIE Treat Dad to a ready made Pudding and more!

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Silver Penny Pudding
An irresistible steamed pudding for any day of the year. Rich & sticky, This date and walnut pudding is steamed to produce a light decadent dessert.
Silver Penny Pudding Dessert Sauce A marriage made in heaven.
Vinofood Spiced Orange & Riesling Syrup

Made from fresh oranges and full of spicy flavours this sauce is a must have for for an easy entertaining dessert or use as a glaze over ham or duck. Why not bake a butter cake and top with fresh orange segments and drizzle with our Spiced Orange & Riesling Syrup.

Vinofood Semillon Pickled Pears Made with locally sourced pears which are hand-peeled and carefully cut for the perfect shape. Tart and tangy in flavour they are great served on a cheeseboard to cut through a rich and creamy cheese. Add to your breakfast muesli or porridge or toss through a salad of rocket, blue cheese and walnuts.
Vinofood Mandarin, Chilli & Shiraz Chocolate Sauce Tastes just like a jaffa with a hint of chilli at the end. A chocolate sauce so good some have been known to eat it straight from the jar.
Little Gemz Chocolate Covered Grapes My favourite treat in the shop. A long juicy grape, the sweet Sapphire is a winner.
Cuvee Dark Chocolate
 Made perfectly for wine lover. 
Gathered Goods Mini Mag Gathered Goods insert, learn more about our story.
Regional Employee Tally - Thanks you’re supporting businesses in the bush
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