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A seasonal Easter hamper to treat the kids.

If you can't make it to see your grandchildren or cousins, send them your love with this seasonal hamper.

Cunliffe and Water's Tomato and Capsicum Relish  My kids love this relish. Our ham and cheese toasties will never be the same.
Whisk and Pin Dried Fruit Salad  Possibly the best dried fruit bundle your kids will ever have the joy of sharing.
Whisk and Pin Milk Rocky Road A generous portion to share with friends.
Matchett's Onion Water Crackers A savoury cracker perfect solo, or with a child friendly cheddar.
Applestraps - Raspberry and Apple Hand made in Tassie by Janette
Kennedy Popcorn on the Cob Grown lovingly in Corop, Victoria.
Mini Mag We include a mini mag that share our story, commitment to our regional suppliers and a map of where your goodies hail from
45 The tally of regional Australians who were employed in the making of this hamper.

Thanks for supporting Simone and her team in the Yarra Valley, Emma and her family  from Corop in Victoria. Janette in Tassie. And the Whisk and Pin team from the Blue Mountains.