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A thoughtful & petite gift, send your best wishes on ahead.

 Annabell Stone Slate Cheese Platter Everything looks great in black, cheese and prosciutto pop out when displayed on this gem.
Timber Dimensions Cheese Knife The perfect partner for the platter.
Port Wilunga Strawberry Guava Paste A native of Brazil, rich in vitamins and pectin with a sweet aromatic flavour reminiscent of strawberry. This paste is made with locally grown organic fruit and is a delicious accompaniment to cheese platters, yoghurt and baked goods.
Jim Jam Fig Paste 180gr Obviously great with cheese, however have you tried using it as a glaze for roasting poultry or sweetening a sauce?
Falwasser Plain Gluten Free Water Crackers The unique wafer thin crisp texture and subtle flavours make it the perfect product to complement cheeses, pates & dips.
Gathered Goods Australia Mini Mag We include a mini mag that shares our story, and our commitment to our regional suppliers, includes a map of where your goodies hail from.
27 The tally of regional Australians who were employed in the making of this hamper.
Sustainable Packaging

We have chosen not to brand our boxes so that you might find a special purpose for their reuse. Here but a few suggestions: Wedding Dress, Christening Gown, Favourite Childhood Toys, Your Wedding Shoes, Camping Trip Essentials


Thanks so much for supporting our regional producers.