Your Ultimate Corporate Gifting Guide

12 considerations for corporate gifting beyond a tick in the box 

It might come as a surprise, but showing genuine appreciation for team members, clients or suppliers isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance.

And there’s a fine line between a tokenistic off-the-shelf solution and a bespoke present with feel-good factor that shows you REALLY care.

This Corporate Gifting Guide is designed to help you consider everything that matters and make the right choices for your brand so you can make existing relationships even stronger.

Because here at Gathered Goods, we’re all about spreading generosity and abundance without any of the heavy lifting.


1. First impressions count


It’s proven that businesses have exactly 7 seconds to make a good first impression. And the same goes for your token of appreciation. Whether you decide to go with a corporate gift hamper or a branded present, your client, team member or supplier will decide instantly whether it’s a resounding yes or an underwhelming disappointment.

Always consider the packaging, the small details and how the delights will arrive on the recipient’s doorstep. 

Our tip: Request a hamper sample so you can experience it first-hand


2. Personalisation is everything


Having to organise a large number of gifts doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the personal touches. Professional corporate gift providers will be able to include hand-written notes for you so they still feel intimate, personalised and convincingly genuine.

Our tip: Personal touches are a must.


3. Quality really matters


Treating large numbers of clients, suppliers or team members to gifts comes with a considerable price tag. But don’t let that tempt you to compromise on the quality!

As a rural hamper business, we convince our corporate clients with sense-fuelling flavours from some of Australia’s best artisans. And it’s that oozing quality your recipient can sense as soon as they open their present.

Our tip: Opt for high-quality over lacklustre quantity.

 corporate gifting

4. Choose your impact


Did you know that your corporate gifts can do good and spread love beyond the gift itself?

Here at Gathered Goods, we meticulously source all our products from rural small businesses who in turn create local jobs. 

And the Regional Employee Tallie on every corporate hamper helps your gift recipient visualise just how many regional Aussies found employment thanks to the unique collection of goods you selected for them.

On top of that, our hampers are packed by CoPack Fairhaven, a company creating job opportunities for people living with a disability.

And if we all choose to gift with impact, that flow-on effect will be huge.

Our tip: Question possible providers on how your gift delivers beyond the products inside.


5. Corporate gifting should be easy


Organizing client, supplier or team gifts is one small item on your long to-do list. That’s why we recommend outsourcing your gift-giving to someone who can do the heavy lifting for you.

What to look out for?

An expert who gets to know you, your gift recipients, your business and your intentions BEFORE recommending the best approach.

Finding someone who invests time, energy and resources into making your corporate gift memorable for all the right reasons will not only save you time, it will also make your gift-giving authentically on-brand. 

Our tip: Trust in someone who makes you feel 100% supported


6. Feel-good gifts take time


We highly recommend starting your search for the perfect gift 3-4 months out. That guarantees you won’t have to settle for second best because you’ve left your planning to the last minute.

Here at Gathered Goods, we pride ourselves on the irresistible small-batch culinary gems within our regional corporate hampers. With that comes a lot of planning, liaising with rural artisans and securing the freshest products for your hampers with wow factor.

Our tip: Take a look at your corporate gifting calendar today so you can be that step ahead and start planning today.


7. Branded gifts are overrated


We have all been gifted a branded mug, pen or notepad at some stage in our lives.

Did they wow us? Did they make us feel valued and appreciated?

Far from it.

Here at Gathered Goods, we believe that human connections, thoughtfulness, impact and an emotional story go so much further than a generic gift.

What your clients, suppliers or team members will fall in love with is not your company logo but the love and care that’s gone into selecting presents that come with a deeper meaning. 

Our tip: Replace branded gifts with rare, feel-good finds.

corporate gifting

8. Great corporate gifting can fit any budget


You’ll love to hear that there’s no such thing as an impossible budget.

What you need to make your budget go further is someone who’s as passionate about your unique gifting assignment as you are.

We understand that every budget, business and gifting adventure is different. And we love the challenge that comes with finding the perfect rural gems to turn even the smallest budgets into hampers that spread generosity, abundance and crafts(wo)manship.

Our tip: Find someone who’s willing to create a bespoke hamper to suit your budget.


9. Choose a gift to match your values


Far too often, corporate gifts start with the best intentions but come fall flat because they’re lacking strategy, consideration and intent.

Do you promote gender equality?

Then don’t choose stereotyping products.

Do you pride yourself on lifting up small business?

Then don’t gift big-brand items.

Our tip: Start with your brand values and develop your gifting strategy from there


10. Gifting can be an eco-conscious exercise


As businesses, we all have a responsibility to do our bit to preserve our planet. Something we should keep in mind when it comes to client, supplier or team gifts as well.

Here at Gathered Goods, our corporate gift hampers are designed to keep giving. With plastic-free packaging and a sturdy Keep-me Box perfectly suited to store mementos, the joy of receiving keeps giving well beyond the initial excitement.

Our tip: Make eco credentials a firm part of your selection process


11. Small order quantities don’t have to limit your choice


If you’re looking at a select few recipients, that doesn’t mean you have to DIY your corporate gifts. Far from it!

Here at Gathered Goods we specialise in bespoke hampers for even small order quantities. We only work with rural small-batch producers who love treating a select few with their tasty gems.

So don’t let minimum order numbers stop you from outsourcing your gifting adventure.

Our tip: Choose a small hamper business more likely to support a fellow small business


12. Appreciation doesn’t stop at one gift


And last but not least, keep in mind that a token of appreciation in form of a present is great, but it doesn’t replace a supportive relationship throughout the year.

Our tip: Think of small, continuous gestures that go beyond the annual gift


The verdict?


There is no such thing as the perfect corporate gift for everyone.

Your corporate gifting journey is uniquely yours.

But these 12 considerations will make planning, selecting and delivering feel-good gifts that leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons a lot easier.