Meet Our Makers

In the Winter of 2020, I went on a road trip with Running Hare Films to checkin with my suppliers. I wanted to see how their businesses were faring after the recent drought, bushfires, floods and COVID-19 restrictions.

Gathered Goods is committed to supporting regional makers and creators. Here are a few of their stories.


Gathered Goods Australia | Meet Our Makers | Spencer Cocoa

Luke Spencer of Spencer Cocoa, tells Georgie Rogers of Gathered Goods Australia about his chocolate flavoured pacific island adventure. An escapade that has created a bond between the community of Vanuatu and his family base in Mudgee. Checkout the Gathered Goods hampers that contain Luke's Chocolate, and appreciate for yourself the connection from Bean to Bar to Community.

 Gathered Goods Australia | Meet Our Makers | Murrungundy Pistachios

Recently I travelled out to Elong Elong in south Western NSW to see how my suppliers were faring after the recent prolonged drought, bushfires, floods and impact from the COVID-19 restrictions. I had a jovial chat with Richard Barton in his pistachio grove, from where he shared how he and his father Hugh got started.


Gathered Goods Australia | Meet Our Makers | Roth Family Orchard

Ingrid Roth from Roth Family Orchard shares the creation story of their families cherry grove in Mudgee NSW. I was lucky enough to enjoy Ingrid's sacred cherry recipes handed down from her Danish grandmother.