Corporate gifting: How to get it right for your company, staff, clients and customers

In our childhood, most of us love to receive gifts from our parents, grandparents, and relatives. Now that we live in the corporate world many of us miss this feeling of being appreciated and valued especially at work. 

At this stage, you want to commend your hard-working apprentice, employee, or clients with something that would give them the same feeling you felt whenever you got a gift when you were a kid, right?

Corporate gifting is a powerful way to build and strengthen relationships with your amazing staff, clients, and customers. It shows appreciation and recognition for their tremendous contributions, hard work, and loyalty. However, corporate gifting can also be a minefield if not done correctly. The last thing you want to do is to spend money on a wonderful gift that won’t be well received,  or doesn’t aligns with your company values. 

This blog will look at how to get corporate gifting right for your company, staff, clients, and customers.

1. Personalisation: Consider your recipients’ interests

We know it’s nerve-wracking to send gifts to a bunch of people but always keep in mind that personalising your gifts notably impacts your recipients. It is an extraordinary way to show thoughtfulness and make a lasting impression. It makes them feel that you put thought and effort into choosing the perfect present by adding a personal touch - a gift that is tailored to the recipient's interests will always be appreciated.

2. Align with the company values

Choosing the right gift is daunting but don’t forget to think about the company values. Doing this helps reinforce your brand and build strong relationships with clients, employees, and partners. Elevate your gift-giving with a purpose by choosing gifts that align with your company values, you can help build a positive reputation and create lasting relationships with your awesome people. 

3. Budget check

Checking the budget is really important when shopping for the right corporate gift. We all want to give a gift that would not break the bank. Maximise your impact with a budget in mind! By knowing your budget for corporate gifts, you can give more thoughtful and impactful gifts without overspending. This will definitely help you make smart choices and ensure you stay within your financial limits.

4. Know your timing

Timing is everything! Show your appreciation at the right time. Knowing when to give your corporate gifts can help you positively impact and create lasting relationships. You want to give gifts at a time when they will be appreciated and have the most impact. For example, giving a gift to a staff member just before the holiday season can help boost morale and show your appreciation for all their hard work.

5. Choose practical yet sustainable gifts

Make a difference with your gifts! Choose practical yet sustainable corporate gifts. It shows your commitment to sustainability and creates a worthwhile impression on the recipient. But keep in mind that feel-good gifts take time to find. 

At Gathered Goods, we take great delight in the wonderful small-batch culinary wonders that are included in our regional corporate hampers. To create hampers with a wow factor, a lot of planning is required, as well as communication with rural artisans and getting the freshest ingredients.

Time to look at your corporate giving calendar immediately so you can be proactive and begin preparing immediately.

Always keep in mind…

Showing appreciation to your employees, clients, and customers is an important aspect of building strong relationships and promoting positive company culture. Whether you choose a tangible item, an experience, or a personalised gift, the key is to choose something that is meaningful and relevant to the recipient. By taking the time to show appreciation, you can build strong relationships and foster a positive company culture. While there are many different ways to show appreciation to your employees, clients, and customers, gifts are often a great place to start but a supportive relationship throughout the year always matters.