Savour the Occasion
Savour the Occasion
Savour the Occasion

Savour the Occasion

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Sometimes it’s the simplest flavour combinations that make the biggest impact.
All you have to do is open and share and enjoy!.

Salute Olive Oil

Fresh and fruity, Picked when ripe by Peter and Merle in Boort , in northern Victoria.The perfect base for your next summery salad

Salute Kalamata Olives

Pickled in the traditional Greek way, this olive has a delicate taste. This olive is picked when black.

Port Wilunga Chilli Almonds

Slow roasted historic Willunga orchard varieties of Somerton and Johnston with our own blend of chilli infused South Australian olive oil & sea salt.

Murrungundy Salt and Pepper Pistachios

Planted by Richard and his father Hugh over 40 yrs ago, 4000 trees are tended lovingly to create the freshest pistachios in Australia. A regional success story from Elong Elong, perfect with beer or wine.

Matchett's Poppyseed Water Crackers

A gorgeous crisp biscuit  perfect with soft cheese.Award Winning Onion Crackers are an absolute taste sensation. Made with real butter, whole milk and local Nangkita Olive Oil.

Jim Jam Shiraz Goop

Divine with Cheese this fragrant goop hits the spot.Drizzle on cheese, spread on a hot crumpet or stir into a sauce for duck.

Jim Jam Black Olive Tapenade

I last deboned a quail, smeared the inside with this tapenade , wrapped the lot in a vine leaf and grilled it on the BBQ

Port Wilunga Almond Dukkah

A superbly  fresh almond crunch with an earth spice.
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